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INARRAM, formerly Fuser Graphics Ltd, is a rapidly growing industrial company, catering to the cement, minerals, power, steel, mining and various process and engineering industries with innovative bulk material handling and conveying systems.

After a successful venture in grapics and printing industry for 16 years including design, manufacture, supply and after sales support in services and spares of offset graphics printing machines, we diversified our interests into residential construction projects until 2015.

Subsequently INARRAM was formed in 2016, under the efficient management setup headed by our Marketing and Technical Directors who are well experienced MBA and Mechanical Engineering graduates, for providing Industrial and Allied Machinery, Equipment and Systems to various process industries in India Nepal, Bangladesh etc.

With over 20 years of experience, INARRAM is specialized in providing solutions in ramping up productivity in material unloading and conveying systems and also reuse of energies making us a preferred partner to OEMs.
INARRAM deals in products of international quality, systems and facilities which are strengthened by our tailor-made consultancy and after sales support services, be it of any challenging nature, including developing time and again new solutions for the changing needs.

Our innovative solutions and technologies ensure and assure increased safety, increased productivity and increased profit to all industries.